What sort of tasks will my virtual assistant be able to help me with?

We have two main types of tasks – general tasks and specialist tasks. Our full time and part time virtual assistants can complete a range of tasks as part of your monthly virtual assistant package – these are general tasks. However, if you need support with a specialist project eg. Website design or SEO strategy, we recommend that you work with one of our specialist virtual assistants that is fully trained in that area.


Which tasks are classed as general tasks?

Your part time/full time virtual assistant will be able to help with any general task such as: Market research, Competitor research, Ongoing client management, Marketing phone calls or emails, Email management, Social media management, SEO implementation, Uploading content to your CMS (eg. WordPress, Wix etc), Diary management, Online or telephone research, Data management, Candidate search and selection, Venue bookings for events, Transcription of meetings, Client invoicing, Chasing up payments, Basic Blog writing (basic). These are essentially tasks that can be done with very little training. Your virtual assistant will be used to working with a range of applications and various software but will require you to decide exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and how it should be done.


Which projects are classes as specialist projects?

Our specialist virtual assistants are virtual assistants that built their expertise in a specialist area. You may need a specialist virtual assistant if you need support with any of the following: Website design, SEO strategy, Social media or Marketing strategy, Copywriting for websites, sales material and marketing campaigns, Expert Blog writing for sales conversions, Brochure/Leaflet design, Logo design, Video animations, Creating special designs and header images for social media, Video editing, Audio editing, Hosted email setup, Google analytics set up & reports, Google Adwords set up and management, PPC set up & management for online marketing eg. Facebook, Twitter and any other tasks that require expert knowledge, natural aptitude or specialist training to complete.


Can I make use of a full time/part time virtual assistant as well as a specialist virtual assistant?

Yes. This could be helpful if you need specialist support to help you get started. For example – If you would like to improve your SEO, you may prefer to work with a specialist virtual assistant to help you get started with your strategy and later work with a general virtual assistant to help you implement your SEO strategy. We would send you an invoice for your full time/part time virtual assistant and a separate invoice for any specialist projects.


I have a task that is not listed under general tasks or specialist projects, which group will it fall under.

We strongly recommend that you get in touch with us if you have a project that doesn’t seem to fit in either category. If the project requires basic training and you can train your full or part time virtual assistant to help you complete it – then it would most likely fall under a general task. Likewise, if it’s a task that requires in depth knowledge, skill or natural aptitude and it would take too long for you to train the virtual assistant to develop this skill, then we would usually class this as a specialist project.


I have a large specialist project coming up – will your virtual assistants be able to help?

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss your specialist project and we will do our best to help you with it or give you some guidance to help you get started. At extremely busy times we may not have the capacity to take on large specialist projects.


How much does it cost to get a full or part time virtual assistant?

Our part time and full time virtual assistants can support you with a range of general tasks as part of their monthly contract. The rate for virtual assistants starts from £7/hour. Please see our pricing page for more information.


Why can’t my part time/full time virtual assistant help with specialist projects?

Our part time and full time virtual assistants are extremely dedicated and will do their best to support you. They are easily able to make use of any online application and they have brilliant communication skills. We also provide them with training in areas such as telephone and online sales, digital marketing, social media management etc. However, they may not have the specialist skills or training to help with expert tasks such as web design, PPC and google adwords set up and management.


Why is there a difference in cost between specialist projects and my general full/part time virtual assistant ?

Our specialist virtual assistants have taken the time to train in one or more specialist area. Their projects are typically set at a fixed fee and will usually cost anything from £80 depending on the type of project. We will need you to contact us with your requirements and once we’ve had a chance to discuss your needs, we will email a quote with a breakdown of the costs.


If you would like more time to work on your business, not in your business, why not contact us? We have professional virtual assistants that can help with a range of tasks. For more information about getting started with a virtual assistant, get in touch with us for a free 20-minute consultation:



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