Top 10 freemium apps for running your small business

Being an entrepreneur means having high hopes of your business making an impact in the business world and doing so on the lowest budget. Using apps on the web has become increasingly popular as they begin to solve all your business problems.  To help you solve all your business needs here is a list of the best freemium apps for every aspect of your business. They all offer free versions that you can use before moving on to their premium versions which are still relatively low cost.

Evernote- Evernote is a digital notebook app that helps you to organise your life and pursue your goals. It can store, capture and index just about any type of data, all the while syncing to the web and across all your devices. Never forget anything again!

LogMeIn- LogMeIn is a networking tool that allows provides secure remote access to your business. All you need to do it install the programme on the computer you wish to access, then log into the web page on another device without all the hassle of setting up ports and IP addresses.

Basecamp- Basecamp helps to keep project management simple and easy. It’s easy to use interface allows you to easily manage your projects and work collaboratively with your team. Rather than being over complicated the app is simple and does its job well.  

Harvest- Harvest is a simple and intuitive time tracking software that allows you and your team to keep your projects and budgets on target. The app also doubles over an expense tracking tool. It allows for you to snap photos and load then, send professional invoices and to keep track of when clients pay.

Mindmeister- Mindmeister is a great app to help you visualize your work. It allows you to add an unlimited number of people to join in and work collaboratively on projects. The app is great to use for mind mapping, planning, outlining and note taking. The app is free but there are a number of paid plans that offer additional features.

IFTTT- ‘If this then that’ is a website service that allows users connects their social media accounts, mobile apps, storage providers and other web channels to automate tasks instead of spending hours logging into individual services and performing each task. IFTTT allows you to create your own automation rules. IFTTT is a set-it-and-forget-it automation tool. Once you create and activate a trigger, the service works behind the scenes without any additional work required from you.

Slack- Slack is a communications app that brings together all your communication in one place. It allows you to organise your team conversations into open channels where all your team has access to that project.You can send direct messages to your colleagues and even make video and voice calls. You can drag and drop your PDFS, images, and documents and tag your team members.

Gusto- Gusto is a payroll system that gives you total control over your payroll. Gusto has some great easy-to-use features such as employee self-onboarding, allowing your employees to enter their own details on the app, add personal thank you messages to your employees on payday and it integrates with the top financial software.

Proven- The ultimate hiring app. Proven allows the user to post one ad to all selected job boards, store all you resumes, share your jobs to your social media, keep track of where your applicants are coming from, schedule interviews, search for the best candidates and much more. The app is easy to use and the cost to use the platform is dependent on the number of jobs you need to post and boards to which you need to post them.

Wave- Wave is an easy-to-use accounting software programme for small businesses with 9 or fewer employees. It allows you to track sales and expenses, send and manage professional invoices, and track payments so you know when to expect money in your account and generate accounting reports. The app allows you to accept credit card payments making it convenient for you and your clients.








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