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Do you only design in wordpress?

Yes. We only use wordpress. WordPress is the world’s most popular website building tools. It’s is also easy to manage. After the design stage our clients can easily take over and use any wordpress website on their own without much training

I have a template or theme that I already want.  How soon can you get started?

If you have your own theme then we can get started with the website design straight away. All you’ll need to do is buy your theme and we’ll do the rest.

Do I need to have bought my domain name to get started?

Yes, you need to purchase your domain name and purchase hosting for your site. Then provide us with login and password details so that we can get your theme installed. Our preferred domain name provider and website host is this is because they are UK based and they have an excellent support team.

I know the exact type of site I want ie. I’ve been to and I want to replicate their website but just change some colours. Do I still need the themefinder service?

If the website was built with wordpress and we are familiar with the theme then we will not charge you for the themefinder service. However, if it’s not a popular theme and it doesn’t appear to have been created with wordpress theme on the market then you will need to search for a similar theme.

I would like to find my own theme – Where can I do this?

There are about 10,000 wordpress themes available for sale around the world! As you can imagine, one of the most time consuming aspects of website design is searching for and selecting a theme. By finding your own theme – this will save £120 off the cost of your website! And it will mean that we can just get on with the website design. Here are some good sites for finding themes:

I’ve found a free website theme – Can I use this as my theme?

Yes. Many theme creators offer free themes and premium themes. If you select a free theme there are a few things to be mindful of. Free website themes often have limitations and you’ll still need to upgrade to the premium theme to get all the features. The other problem is that free themes may not be maintained regularly so you could end up losing out on many of the new updates within wordpress.

What does a website typically include?

Our entry level website includes:

  • Maximum of 7 menu items with content for each menu item
  • Maximum of 6 blog posts
  • Maximum of 6 additional pages
  • Maximum of two short forms with redirections after form completion.
  • A maximum of 12 basic elements to be used as a footer, header or side widget
  • A maximum of 12 basic elements to be used in various parts of the website
  • Basic elements include a full width slider/video, portfolios, testimonials, faqs, ‘as featured in’, statements, featured blog posts, social media links, short forms, social sharing icons.

Can you do a cheap and simple website?

Yes but we prefer to create high quality websites for growing business. Our goal is to create a website that you can use to hit the ground running. Your website theme will affect the cost of your website so if you go with a very basic theme and reduce some of the features, your website may end up costing as low as £350.

Can I have more advanced features for my website?

Yes but this will probably affect the cost of the website. Advanced website features may include elements such as:

  • E-commerce shopping sites
  • PDF download services ie. leave your email in exchange for a download
  • Landing pages and pop-ups
  • A mini social networking site
  • A Q&A section for you to crowdsource answers
  • Online course sections
  • Advanced forms for sales and quotes
  • Integrated forms ie. connected to other software using APIs

If you’re not quite ready to build advanced features onto your website, we have free blog posts and guides so you can build these features and add them to your site when you can afford it or when you have built up your skills in wordpress.


What do I need to do to get started?

If you have your own theme then meet with us for a 30 minute screen-share skype consultation where you will tell us how you would like us to customise the theme. Once payment has been received, we will then begin the website design service.

If you don’t have your own theme, then meet with us for a 30-minute skype consultation to tell us what sort of website you are looking for. Once payment has been received, we will begin the theme finder service.

I’m still not sure which category I fit into – What should I do?

It’s always a little bit overwhelming when creating your first website. If there’s just too much to think about and you’re still not sure where to begin then fill in this short form and or fill in the contact page for a free 30 minute phone consultation.

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